5 places we want to visit in a next 3 years

We could talk about travels endless. At this moment we are planning about five trips we would like to realise in next 2-3 years. Are you curious about our plans? Don’t be, there is everything:


Waterfall in Icelnad
Iceland is Kevin’s dream

This country is a Kevin’s big dream. He wants to see all that waterfalls and hot springs. And he also believes that he can meet elves or fairies. It’s understandable – where, if not in Iceland?

New Zealand

Did you watch a “Lord of The Ring” movie? We did. And that’s why New Zealand is our “must see” destination. We really want to look at these all beautiful views and dreaming about being a hobbit (Frances) or a dwarf (Kevin).


Frances’s father used to watch all these programs like “Gold rush” and her mother – “Northern Exposure”. There’s no option for Frances not to interested in Alaska. We both would like to meet wild nature and admire all these rough landscapes.


Beach in SicilyWe dream about feeling “La dolce vita”. That would be an all-inclusive holiday with cocktails and other nice things. We have a plan to eat so much spaghetti, pizza and olives as we only can. Nice plan, huh?


Before our wedding we learned how to dance, especially for our first dance but teacher showed us also cha-cha, rumba and salsa. And he advised us to watch “Dirty dancing”. We listened him. And now we have to fly to Cuba!

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