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Our top 5 best meals in France

We are such gourmands (and we both have a sweet tooth), so eating was a very important part of our trip around France. We prepared a list of the most delicious meals, we ate in France.

5) Croque Madame and croque Monsiuer

There are traditional French toasts with ham (Monsieur) and with fried egg (Madame). These toasts are immersed in eggs and fried on pan. We ate it mainly at breakfast or sometimes as a nourishing afternoon snack.

4) Onion soup – Soupe à l’oignon

I never thought I find onion soup as delicious. My mum cooked it sometimes and every time it was awful. I had a lot of doubts when we ordered that meal. But I regret nothing! Soupe à l’oignon was wonderful, perfect for that cold day.

3) Baked sweet chestnuts

We ate it during walking in French cities. I really liked it!

2) Profiterole

We really love croissants!

Did I mention we both have a big sweet tooth? Profiteroles (known also as cream puff) were like a heaven to me. Delicacy, sweet… Mmm, delicious! I miss it every day since we came back from France. Really.

1) And the winner is… Croissant!

We ate croissant almost every day. And every day the croissant was different. For example: Monday – croissant without filling, Tuesday – croissant with chocolate, Wednesday – croissant with cheese and ham, Thursday – croissant with raspberries, Friday – croissant with salmon and balsamic vinegar, Saturday – croissant with mushrooms and cheese, Sunday – croissant with butter and jam. Definitely, croissant wins in my own “delicious contest”.

And you? How looks your “Top 5 French meals” list?

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