Garden in Givenry

House of the Artist

Garden in GivenryOne of the most beautiful places in France is located not in Paris or another big and well known city. It is a small town in Normandy, named Givenry. Now live there about 500 people. Not so much – but every year travel there 6 000 tourists! Why? What is so incredible in this place that it attracts so many people?

I believe everyone knows Claude Monte was a great painter. We all seen in school Woman in a Garden, Coquelicots, La promenade (Poppies) or another impressionist paintings. He really loved to paint the nature: gardens, flowers, ponds, people in parks. Subject matter of his arts connects with a less known fact about Monet: he was also a keen gardener.

Garden in Givenry
Garden in Givenry

He was lived in Givenry. He bought that house after seeing it through train’s window. Probably he was enchanted by the view of fruits trees and at  that moment became dreaming about living in this place. And today that place actually attracts so many people who want to see a garden what inspired the Master to paint his beautiful arts. We also arrived to Givenry in purpose of seeing that amazing place with our own eyes. It really looks like Monet’s paintings. We both were completely enchanted.

In Givenry, in Monet’s house is today located a museum named Musée des impressionnismes. That place should be a compulsory stop in trip through France for everyone who is interested in history of arts.

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